EP 69 – Building platforms to disrupt the healthcare industry with Philipp Buhr

EP 69- Building platforms to disrupt the healthcare industry with Philipp Buhr

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🎙️ Get ready to tune into today’s new episode of The Most Awesome Founder Podcast with Philipp Buhr, the co-founder of marta! marta is a platform that transparently enables families to match their elderly family members with suitable caregivers.

Beginning with stories from Philipps entrepreneurial childhood, enabling him to be the co-founder he is today, the episode advances into deeper topics associated with the healthcare market.

Here is a sneak peek of the topics Dries and Philipp further indulge into:

🤝 How Philipp and his co-founder developed their idea and shaped it into reality

💪 The challenges faced when growing companies

🚀 How the possibilities of digitally disrupting the healthcare market look like

We look forward to hearing what you think of the episode!



(0:54) Intro to the episode by Dries

(2:20) Tell us something about your childhood Philipp

(4:10) Philipp talks about his first entrepreneurial steps of making door-to-door sales

(5:30) What learnings did you make when making door-to-door sales?

(7:10) What did you learn and get out of being a management associate

(10:50) What were the advantages of founding with another WHU alumni?

(14:05) What does marta do?

(16:30) How did you get to the topic of founding marta?

(20:00) How do you address safety in marta?

(22:30) Philipp describes the caregiver-to-family connections in more detail

(26:30) What is the biggest challenge in a fast-growing company?

(28:30) What type of marketing channels do you use?

(30:00) What advantages do your partners get?

(34:00) How to stay ahead of competitors?

(35:30) Why is it so hard to digitally disrupt the healthcare industry?

(36:45) Regulations are challenges, however, also big opportunities

(39:00) Where is the digital health industry moving towards?

(42:22) Do you think you will move towards only daycare?

(45:44) Discussing geographical dependence of business models

(46:00) Books and podcast recommendations

(48:30) Discussion of struggles with influential writers: book content vs. life actions

(50:52) Thank you Philipp!

(52:00) The importance of the healthcare sector

(55:10) Outro by Dries