EP 27 – Mastering Communications for Startups with Oliver Aust

EP 27 – Mastering Communications for Startups with Oliver Aust

Oliver Aust

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In episode 27 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Oliver Aust, one of Europe’s leading communications and personal branding experts, and former Head of Communications at Easyjet. He is the founder and CEO of Eo Ipso Communications and co-host of Speak Like a CEO, the category-defining podcast on CEO communications.

Oliver helps CEOs and leaders build unignorable personal brands and businesses, drawing from his experience advising a wide range of organizations from high-growth startups to Fortune 50 and DAX30 companies. He is also a Techstars and WHU Accelerator mentor, and author of three books on communications, including the international bestseller, Unignorable“.



Part 1: Oliver Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Introducing Oliver (00:27)

Part 3: Oliver’s founder journey (02:11)

Part 4: The role and development of language for Oliver as a communicator (09:39)

Part 5: What made Oliver switch from corporate GM to scale-up easyjet (12:33)

Part 6: The transition from easyjet to Oliver’s own consultancy (15:38)

Part 7: Oliver’s consultancy Eo Ipso Communications (18:04)

Part 8: In which areas does Oliver help startups through his mentorships (20:35)

Part 9: Message-Market-Fit: How to avoid getting too granular too quickly  (22:40)

Part 10: Storytelling as a tool in Oliver’s work  (24:33) 

Part 11: Oliver’s recommendation on the balance between building your business and your personal brand (27:07)

Part 12: Communication tools for early-stage startups to gain momentum (30:44)

Part 13: LinkedIn, Newsletters, Podcasts and books as key communication tools with your audience  (34:14)

Part 14: What about Clubhouse and TikTok? (37:31)

Part 15: Can you write a book at a young career stage? (38:52)

Part 16: Oliver’s approach to publishing (41:12)

Part 17: “Think of life as a present” – Olivers nugget of wisdom (42:35)

Part 18: What book is Oliver reading? (44:36)

Part 19: What is on Oliver’s playlist? (48:42)

Part 20: How to reach out to Oliver (50:06)

Outro Gerrit (50:58)