EP 62 – The Mentor Perspective on Startups with Joerg Hellwig

EP 62 – The Mentor Perspective on Startups with Jörg Hellwig 

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Today our guest Jörg Hellwig, an active angel investor, is here to share his insights with you! Having had experience as a chief digital officer, co-founder, and investor, he has valuable insights that you can benefit from! 


The different perspectives Jörg encountered make this podcast so valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn about: 

–         the challenges and benefits of change in corporates 

–         How one of the first B2B marketplaces in the chemical industry was founded 

–         And what it’s like helping inexperienced founders 


We hope you enjoy the episode and feel free to leave questions in the comments that would interest you in future episodes! 



(0:58) Intro by Dries 

(2:50) Jörgs Intro into his life 

(4:15) What does LANXESS do? 

(5:40) What was your initial goal at LANXESS? 

(8:30) What LANXESS is all about summary 

(9:45) LANXESS is not the typical corporate company 

(11:00) Board members in corporates 

(12:25) Main reasons why corporates should not transform themselves 

(13:00) How did you overcome the resistance to change in the corporate? 

(17:50) What skills should people have to excel in the digital age? 

(21:05) What is CheMondis, and why did you found it? 

(27:30) How was it for competitors using your platform? 

(30:18) Challenges of building a B2B platform? 

(34:30) How do you decide into which startups to invest as an angel investor? 

(36:00) Secret checklist in what people you invest into? 

(40:30) Where do you see room for improvements in digitalization in startups? 

(43:30) What advice would you give your younger self? 

(47:00) Books and Podcast recommendations  

(48:00) What is your approach to networking? 

(51:40) Thank you for your insights!