EP 18 – Revolutionizing Pet Health Care with Mareile Wölwer

EP 18 – Revolutionizing Pet Health Care with Mareile Wölwer

Mareile Wölwer

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In this second episode of season 3 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Mareile Wölwer, WHU alumn and co-founder of Berlin-based animal health care company Vetevo.

Mareile’s entrepreneurial journey took her from her family farm in Mayen, to studies at WHU, to the fast-paced world of being a venture-backed founder in Berlin. 

Today, Mareile’s start-up Vetevo is growing at a rapid pace, with over 50 employees, a seven-figure investment round and thousands of customers across Germany using their innovative pet health tracking app and testing solutions. 

So for you folks who want to learn more about this young entrepreneur’s incredible journey, the inspiration for launching a startup dedicated to animal health and the challenges to ever-adapting founder roles, this episode is for you. 


Mareile Preview Intro (00:04)

Part 1: Mareile’s founder story (02:59)

Part 2: How did vetevo evolve? (07:43)

Part 3: Mareile’s approach to getting into the customer’s shoes (09:54)

   Music Interlude (11:21)

Part 4: Emotional customers: The role of customer satisfaction at vetevo? (11:57)

Part 5: vetevo’s self-conception: Empowering the customer to better understand their pets (13:23)

Part 6: Remote diagnosis as one vetevo product: How does vetevo work? (14:29)

Part 7: The role of pet data and technology at vetevo (16:41)

Part 8: Mareile’s founder/market fit (18:00)

  Music Interlude (19:55)

Part 9: Mareile’s development as a founder throughout 3.5 years of vetevo (20:24) 

Part 10: Your mindset as your greatest challenge as a female founder (23:17) 

Music Interlude (29:11)

Part 11: vetevo’s move to Berlin (29:55)

Part 12: Mareile’s view on mentorship and the role of WHU and entrepreneur organisations (31:35)

Part 13: Mareile’s view on the future of digital pet health care (33:03)

Part 14: What book is on Mareile’s bedside table? (34:58)

Part 15: What is Mareile listening to these days? (37:07)

Episode 19 Preview (38:30)