EP 12 – Starting From a Problem with Jannes Fischer

EP 12 – Starting From a Problem with Jannes Fischer 

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In this episode (recorded in October 2019), we introduce Jannes Fischer – WHU alum, Forbes 30 under 30 and Founder and CEO of Vermietet.de, Europe’s fastest growing digital property management platform.

We’re talking about Jannes’ amazing journey from WHU to small business owner, Rocket Internet to solo entrepreneur, as well as his deep commitments to problem solving and self-directed learning that helped pave his path to success. 

So for you listeners out there who are interested in a young founder’s unique road to high-growth entrepreneurship, you’ll love this episode!


Jannes Preview Intro (00:04) 

Part 1: Jannes’ Entrepreneurial Journey (02:50) 

Part 2: Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset (07:08) 

Part 3: Leaping from Small Businesses to a Scalable Venture (10:24) 

Part 4: Benefitting from Small Business Ownership (13:25) 

        Music Interlude (14:50) 

Part 5: Learning Entrepreneurship as a Young Founder (15:50) 

Part 6: Strategies for Understanding Capitalisation (18:08) 

Part 7: Founding Zenhomes (22:28) 

Part 8: Founder-Market Fit (27:21) 

Part 9: Moving Beyond the N=1 Perspective (30:33) 

Part 10: Strategically Taking Off “Founder Hats” (32:09) 

Part 11: Being a Solo Founder (34:50) 

        Music Interlude (36:30) 

Part 12: Founding in Berlin (37:31) 

Part 13: The Future of Zenhomes (39:46) 

Part 14: Words of Wisdom for Future Founders (44:02) 

Part 15: Book on Jannes’ Bedside Table (46:12) 

Part 16: What’s on Jannes’ Playlist (47:27) 

Part 17: Episode 13 Preview (48:51)