EP 61 – Leveraging startup failure learnings with Kilian Karrasch

EP 61 – Leveraging startup failure learnings with Kilian Karrasch

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Do you ever wonder what it’s like for your startup to fail?  

Then you’re just right in today’s episode #61! In this episode, we’re here to listen and learn about Kilian Karrasch’s startup failure with Connme.   

Tune in to Kilian’s reflection on what it was like to experience your own startup failure. Within this episode, Kilian shares the deep and valuable learnings he was able to extract. Make sure to listen closely and use the tips Kilian shares, such as choosing the right co-founders, examining the crucial potential risks, staying close to your customer, and so on. 

We appreciate these interesting insights and hope you can make the most out of them! 


Show notes:

Kilians Digital Transformers Podcast:  

Spotify: spoti.fi/3IMUMER  

Apple: apple.co/3INT9qG 


Recommended Podcast:



Recommended books: 

  • Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi 



(0:47) Dries introduced Kilian and the podcast   

(2:30) Could you tell us your personal story?   

(4:30) Kilian talks about his traveling experiences   

(6:40) Which pain points did you want to solve with the startup? 

(8:00) What happened when we started testing the prototype?  

(9:00) Abandon the idea or go all in? 

(10:00) Why were you so driven to make it happen during your bachelor? 

(12:10) Were there co-founders involved? 

(14:30) How did you create your own network when Facebook closed its API? 

(17:00) Building up the idea 

(19:30) Were the employees who got fully committed?  

(22:10) How did you try to push traction? 

(25:20) How did you want to make money with your idea? 

(27:00) How did the startup not working out affect the relationships within the startup? 

(29:30) The point where we had to stop  

(31:10) If you would go back, how would you start? 

(33:30) Why did you not get an advisor (e.g., an angel investor)? 

(36:00) How did it feel after you decided to stop the process? 

(39:45) What makes an entrepreneur successful? 

(43:50) How did you use your failure learnings in founding Hatch? 

(48:30) Anticipating what can go wrong 

(52:00) Pitch us your own podcast Kilian 

(53:30) What podcast can you recommend? 

(54:00) What books can you recommend? 

(55:00) Thank you for joining