EP 78 – Empowering Women in Finance with Dana Menzel

EP 78 – Empowering Women in Finance with Dana Menzel

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We are over the moon to have Dana Menzel on board for episode 78 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast. Dana’s entrepreneurial path is impressively versatile. She started as a goldsmith, mastering the art of this filigree craft, and turned this into her first thriving jewellery business. Now, she is leaping into a whole new area, and we are excited to hear about this!

With roots spanning across international borders, Dana is carving out a space for herself as a female entrepreneur. She talks about the most significant challenges as a female entrepreneur in Germany, how she masters them, and what qualities she looks for in a co-founder.

An MBA and WHU accelerator graduate, Dana speaks to her education’s instrumental role in equipping her with the tools and networks vital in breathing life into her idea of a platform born from a desire to uplift women through financial literacy and independence since her master’s thesis provided some shocking insights in that regard.



(0:10) Dries introduction to the episode

(0:40) Dana’s background

(3:40) The intention of doing a goldsmith apprenticeship

(5:30) How did Dana pivot from a goldsmith to a more business life

(10:45) Dana talks about her newest endeavor, “Sayhitofinance ” 

(13:50) How the idea came to pass: women often don’t deal with their finances themselves

(16:10) Community-building aspect of Sayhitofinance and how it benefits women

(21:15) What is the most challenging thing about being a female entrepreneur in Germany?

(27:55) The choice of being a solo founder and what a perfect co-founder would look like for Dana

(29:53) Advice for female entrepreneurs from Dana’s own experiences

(32:05) Dana’s recommendations for podcasts & books


Dana’s recommendations:


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