EP 17 – Linking Artificial Intelligence and Skin Care with Franziska Leonhardt

EP 17 – Linking Artificial Intelligence and Skin Care with Franziska Leonhardt  

Franziska Leonhardt

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In this first episode of season 3 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Franziska Leonhardt – entrepreneur, attorney, WHU alum, and founder of Berlin-based, AI-driven personalised skin care company, AVE + EDAM

Franziska’s journey has been a fascinating one. She began her career as a freelance lawyer, joined international law firm, Clifford Chance, and then became Rocket Internet’s first General Counsel — leading them though their IPO . 

But it was one trip to Silicon Valley in 2017 that changed Franziska’s career path forever, inspiring her to build one of the world’s first technology-driven skin care companies – all while raising her young daughter in tow.

So for you folks who want to learn more about this inspiring founder’s journey, the complexities of bridging the technology and consumer goods divide, and the challenges of balancing work, life, and family, this episode is for you. Hope you enjoy it! 


Franziska Preview Intro (00:04) 

Part 1: Franziska‘s founder story (02:05)
Part 2: From lawyer to founder (09:45)
        Music Interlude (11:35)
Part 3: Feeling ready: Franziska’s Advice (12:12)
Part 4: The impact of motherhood on Franziska’s entrepreneurial journey (14:33)
        Music Interlude (21:04)
Part 5: Starting her own venture as a single parent (21:36)
Part 6: Setting and managing your priorities between family and career (24:37)
Part 7: Value proposition of Ave and Edam and its challenges behind personalization (30:30)
        Music Interlude (37:27)
Part 8: What role does AI play in Ave + Edam’s value proposition? (37:57)
Part 9: Personalization and the challenge of scaling (41:13)
Part 10: Ave and Edam’s view on their customers (44:29)
Part 11: The disruption of the skin care industry and Franziska’s vision (46:11)
        Music Interlude (49:15)
Part 12: The story of Ave + Edam brand (49:58)
Part 13: Franziska’s lessons learned (51:35)
Part 14: Book on Franziska’s Bedside Table (58:04)
Part 15: What’s On Franziska’s Playlist? (01:00:30)
Part 16: Episode 18 Preview