EP 59 – Building an app that hooks with Niklas Brackmann

EP 59 – Building an app that hooks with Niklas Brackmann 

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The last episode of 2022 and we are very excited to share our first recording in front of a live audience. Dries interviews Niklas Brackmann, co-founder of the amateur football app Prematch.

Niklas talks about how hooks help create social platforms, how implementing a shared culture in a young venture looks and about WHU supports activities for entrepreneurs.


We hope you enjoy the episode!




0:43) Dries’ introduction

(1:53) Welcoming Niklas

(2:18) What is Niklas’ background before coming to WHU

(4:03) Joining the Master in Entrepreneurship

(6:40) How the idea of Prematch emerged and what is it about?

(10:10) Prematch’s rise to the top of the app charts

(14:10) Building social platforms and “hooks”

(16:35) Why Prematch created a football club

(18:33) Acquiring skilled labor

(19:50) Implementing a passionate culture

(20:50) How shared norms & values influence a young startup

(23:20) The most challenging part of the trajectory of Prematch

(24:54) The role of advice and angel investors

(27:25) The added values of WHU support activities

(30:05) Reflecting on the Master in Entrepreneurship

(32:35) What advice would Niklas give his younger self

(34:40) Niklas’ books and podcast recommendations