EP 16 – An Engineer’s View of Non-Technical Founders with Teddy Pejoski

EP 16 – An Engineer’s View of Non-Technical Founders with Teddy Pejoski  

Teddy Pejoski

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In this last episode of season 2, we introduce Teddy Pejoski – entrepreneur, engineer, and guru at bridging the technical / non-technical divide. He is the founder of Crack Your Screen (an app with over 20m downloads), the software studio GSIX, a code academy, an engineer placement and recruiting platform, a funky sock company, and a new “no-code” technology called ENZYME.
Teddy’s entrepreneurial journey is like a movie in the making. From a selling flowers in rural Macedonia to building innovative technologies the world over, he is one of those unique breeds that thinks like an entrepreneur but has the technical chops to build almost anything.
So for you folks who want to dive into the mind of an engineer that knows the complexities of working with non-technical founders, this episode is for you! Hope you enjoy it!


Teddy Preview Intro (00:04)
Part 1: Teddy’s founder story (04:13)
        Music Interlude (10:59)
Part 2: From student to 20 million downloads (11:25)
Part 3: Building a custom software studio (19:30)
Part 4: My Intro to Teddy & GSIX (23:30)
        Music Interlude (28:12)
Part 5: Are Entrepreneurial Engineers really that rare? (28:50)
Part 6: The Shifting Deep Tech Landscape (34:30)
        Music Interlude (38:00)
Part 7: Expectation management for engineers (38:30)
Part 8: Turning a non-technical vision into technical requirements (44:45)
        Music Interlude (49:11)
Part 9: Leading with Design (49:41)
Part 10: Advice for non-technical founders (51:10)
Part 11: Building MVPs for big ideas with small budgets (56:00)
Part 12: How important is having a technical co-founder? (01:00:00)
Part 13: Book on Teddy’s Bedside Table (01:08:15)
Part 14: What’s On Teddy’s Playlist? (01:08:45)
Part 15: Episode 17 Preview (01:10:25)