EP 10 – Medical Cannabis in Germany with Thiago Cäsar

EP 10 – Medical Cannabis in Germany with Thiago Cäsar

Thiago Cäsar

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In this episode, we introduce Thiago Cäsar, Head of Business Development of Cansativa, the leading importer and wholesaler of medical cannabis in Germany.  Thiago is responsible for ensuring supply from all over the world in this extremely regulated industry.

One can only imagine the conversation Thiago had with his family when he decided to transition from the German automotive industry to the fledgling cannabis sector! But with Thiago and the Cansativa team taking the lead, it is clear that the mainstreaming of medical cannabis in Germany is well on its way.

So if you want insights into the emerging and extremely competitive cannabis industry in Germany you should definitely give this a listen.


Thiago Preview Intro (00:04)

Part 1: Welcome Remarks (00:46) 

Part 2: Thiago’s Journey to the Cannabis Industry (03:51) 

Part 3: What Cansativa Does (06:56)

        Music Interlude (08:08) 

Part 4: The German Pharmaceutical Cannabis Market (08:42) 

Part 5: Germany’s Cannabis Supply Chain (11:42) 

Part 6: Cansativa’s Role in the Market (12:52) 

Part 7: Working with the German Pharmacies (15:47) 

        Music Interlude (17:54) 

Part 8: The Distribution Process (18:40) 

Part 9: Sourcing Product from Global Suppliers (22:40) 

Part 10: Impacts of Competition and Oversupply (25:18) 

        Music Interlude (27:49) 

Part 11: Costs to Consumers (28:32) 

Part 12: The Future of German’s Cannabis Industry (29:23) 

Part 13:  Educating the Market (33:28) 

Part 14: Book on His Bedside Table (34:40) 

Part 15: What’s on His Playlist (36:00) 

Part 16:  Episode 11 Preview (37:03)