EP 51 – From entrepreneur to enabler with Sebastian Pollok

EP 51 – From entrepreneur to enabler with Sebastian Pollok

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In episode 51 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Sebastian Pollok, WHU alum, Co-Founder of Amorelie. He is currently Founding Partner at Visionaries Club, a Berlin-based VC.

In this episode, Sebastian shares his journey with us, which was filled with many ups and downs.

Sebastian has been through everything from declining a job offer at BCG to interning at Google in the USA to finally living in a dorm to work on his startup. He will share how he disrupted a complex and fragmented market through Amorelie and eventually made a big exit. He will also walk us through his VC firm – Visionaries Club and give us a sneak peek of how they are supporting startups who are trying to make a huge dent in the world. 

We hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we had while producing it.


(01:04) Intro of Sebastian Pollok

(03:50) Sebastian’s founder journey

(24:44) Did Sebastian envision the acquisition offer?

(29:03) How did Amorelie deal with the stigma around love toys?

(32:10) Sebastian’s post-Amorelie life

(35:07) What is Visionaries Club?

(41:23) How is the Tomorrow fund structured?

(44:37) Is being a VC like being a founder?

(46:54) What advice would Sebastian give to young entrepreneurs?

(49:41) What books would Sebastian recommend?

(51:32) What is cycling on Sebastian’s playlist?