EP 82 – Should startups promote a social vision with Murat Tarakci and Timo van Balen

EP 82 – Should startups promote a social vision with Murat Tarakci and Timo van Balen


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This episode is for everybody who wants to get a bit nerdy with top-notch entrepreneurship research. We are excited to welcome the two renowned scholars Murat Tarakci & Timo van Balen to gain insights into their electrifying research about how startups with a social vision struggle to attract job talent. Gerrit’s trajectory perfectly complements this academic understanding as the founder of a nonprofit startup and inevitably leads to fascinating discussions.

Revisiting some of our most commonly discussed topics, like message-market-fit, communication strategies for startups, and the struggles of building a solid recruiting strategy, but this time with the sound support of top-level research.




(0:10) Intro to the episode

(1:20) Murat’s background story

(2:40) Timo’s background story

(4:38) Why did Timo join a startup after his PhD? 

(6:10) Topic and motivation for the paper 

(10:55) Gerrit’s view on the social vision

(15:20) The message depends on the audience  

(18:00) The different pools for applicants   

(21:10) Employees as „rational actors“?   

(26:08) Discussing the results that a stronger social purpose leads to fewer applicants for the startup   

(30:51) Using other channels to lure applicants 

(34:20) Storytelling in communicating social visions

(39:25) Implications for practitioners when formulating a communication strategy

(43:05) Message market fit

(47:00) How do Mura & Timo integrate the results into their teaching?

(51:58) Faking a social purpose

(58:56) Murat’s recommendation 

(1:00:40) Timo’s podcast recommendation


Murat’s recommendation:

Ethan Mollick – The Unicorn’s Shadow

Ron Adner – Winning the right game


Timo’s recommendation:

SF Masterworks

Revolutions podcast