EP 63 – How to screw up your startup: 5 human mistakes with Dr. Sven Greulich

Learn from legal expert Dr. Sven Greulich how to avoid typical founder pitfalls!

In episode 63, we are excited to introduce Dr. Sven Greulich to you, who elaborates on the main pitfalls the Orrick Legal Ninja Series identified. To give you a little insight, here are the first two problems discussed:

1. Not thinking about founder team dynamics and founder departures
2. Creating an unreflect equity split

There will always be conflicts which arise throughout the founding process. Whether those occur because you believe in deserving more equity, since you had the founding idea, or you are struggling to retain good talent, informing yourself will give you a kick start!

Listen to the episode to avoid falling into these common pitfalls.

EP 62 – The Mentor Perspective on Startups with Joerg Hellwig

Today our guest Jörg Hellwig, an active angel investor, is here to share his insights with you! Having had experience as a chief digital officer, co-founder and investor, he has valuable insights that you can benefit from!

The different perspectives Jörg encountered make this podcast so valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn about:
– the challenges and benefits of change in corporates
– How one of the first B2B marketplaces in the chemical industry was founded
– And what it’s like helping inexperienced founders

We hope you enjoy the episode, and feel free to leave questions in the comments that would interest you in future episodes!

EP 60 – Building two mergers in fourteen years with Jan Reichelt

Kick off the year right with startup guidance from the successful WHU founder Jan Reichelt. His successful entrepreneurial journey began with Mendeley and has led him to reach two consecutive acquisitions. After his own founding, he began investing as an angel and has now moved towards venture capital.

Listen and learn more about Jan’s journey, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in diverse countries, how to live the entrepreneur lifestyle successfully, and tips for investor relationships.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

EP 59 – Building an app that hooks with Niklas Brackmann

The last episode of 2022 and we are very excited to share our first recording in front of a live audience. Dries interviews Niklas Brackmann, co-founder of the amateur football app Prematch.
Niklas talks about how hooks help create social platforms, how implementing a shared culture in a young venture looks and about WHU supports activities for entrepreneurs.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

EP 58- The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #7 with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

Episode 58 features the seventh edition of the Inspiration Session with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems in which they share what makes them think, learn, and laugh. 

This week they touch on some of these thought-provoking topics: 

– How to measure personality with your digital footprint
– Is fake it till you make it the right strategy to use as an entrepreneur?
– How can the chance of burnout be reduced?
– Should we expect a wave of entrepreneurial burnout next year?
– How Art is evolving in the advanced technological world  
– AI and they’re influence on our world

We hope you enjoy the show! 

EP 57 – Building diverse success stories with Daniel Hanemann

Welcome back to episode 57 with serial entrepreneur Daniel Hanemann!
The WHU Alumnus Daniel is a successful entrepreneur, as seen in his current role as founder/CEO of Wundertax. You’ll, however, also find him as an investor, comedian, and polyglot.

Listen and learn more about Daniel’s founder journey, what it’s like to be an international entrepreneur founding in diverse countries, how to leave startups, what WHU Alumni get wrong while founding, and further tips and tricks in founding your own startup.

We hope you enjoy the episode! Feel free to leave your thoughts and future ideas in the comments!

EP 56 – Educating about innovation ecosystems with Axel Deniz

Episode 56 and we are excited to welcome Axel Deniz to the show. Axel has extensive experience building digital products and has led numerous digital innovation projects with large multinationals. Currently, he is Director for Corporate Development & Innovation at PwC, leading open innovation strategy & corporate venturing.

Tune in when Axel talks about the resilience of business ecosystems, the role of external infrastructure, and how specific frameworks help to implement ecosystems in the firm daily.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

EP 55 – Leveraging TikTok to build a customer-centric platforms with Annika von Mutius

Episode 55 presents Annika von Mutius, a driven and motivated entrepreneur with an affinity towards technology. We were delighted to hear about her journey, building the first fully automated headhunter, Empion. Annika and her co-founder Larissa recently raised €2.4 Mil pre-seed funding with WHU alumnus Michael Stephan as a board member and angel investor.

Annika and her co-founder Larissa quickly understood the importance of matching culture, skills and values between applicants and companies, which led them to build Empion. By quantifying the tasks of a headhunter and both automating and personalizing the process for applicants, they connect the right individuals efficiently.

Tune in to find out more about their journey, in what sense their Ph.D. was of value, practicing a customer-centered approach and how they aspire to grow Empion via TikTok.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

EP 54- The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #6 with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

In Episode 54 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we returned with the 6th inspiration session with Gerrit McGowan and Dries Faems.

Sticking to the format of sharing something they learned, made them think, and made them laugh, Gerrit and Dries discuss the following captivating topics:

– MBA Students and their effect on work in startups
– In what sense the “cigar butting investment strategy” can be implemented today
– What academic research about entrepreneurship is still missing
– The new OECD innovation policy for Germany
– The issues of digitalization in Germany
– How to boost the productivity of a PhD Student

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast episode, filled with thought-provoking takeaways, just as much as we did producing it!

EP 53 – Shaping company culture with Moritz Weisbrodt

In Episode 53 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we are happy to interview Moritz Weisbrodt, a serial entrepreneur with experience in various industries like food, health, and logistics. His latest company Alaiko, a fulfillment-as-a-service company, just announced a 30 million series A funding round this year.

Talking as a generalist, Moritz knows the importance of corporate culture in different market environments and along different lifecycle stages. How can culture be actively shaped, and what are ways to implement it? Tune in when Moritz shares his key learnings about the essential value basis of Alaiko and gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

We hope to fulfill your expectations with this episode!