EP 4 – Tech Transfer Startups with Patrick Vogel

EP 4 – Tech Transfer Startups with Patrick Vogel


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Patrick Vogel is an entrepreneur, investor, and longtime friend from my family’s hometown of Lindau. He is a cofounder of Autonomos, an early-to-market autonomous driving company that was acquired by global mapping giant, TomTom in 2017.

Patrick’s journey to entrepreneurship is an interesting one, spinning a startup out of the Free University of Berlin with a group of university researchers. Proving himself to be an invaluable business mind in a highly technical setting, Patrick helped take his partners’ novel technology from research lab to product-market fit and eventually to exit.

In the two years since Autonomos’ acquisition, Patrick has supported TomTom as Site Owner of the Berlin office, invested in local startups, and settled with his family in Berlin – although he can often be found traveling, golfing, or floating in his beloved hometown lake, the Bodensee.



Interview Intro: (0:27) 

Patrick Preview Intro: (1:22) 

Part 1: Entrepreneurial Journey (3:09) 

      MUSIC INTERLUDE (4:46) 

Part 2: Educational Background (5:06) 

Part 3: From Business School in Freiberg to Entrepreneur in Berlin (8:22) 

Part 4: Linking University Science and Business (9:50) 

      MUSIC INTERLUDE (12:30) 

Part 5: Transitioning Across Technologies (12:51) 

Part 6: From Research to Startup (17:00) 

      MUSIC INTERLUDE (20:57) 

Part 7: The First Autonomous Vehicle in Berlin (21:19) 

Part 8: The Journey from Product to Market (24:57) 

Part 9: Staying Strategically Flexible (28:09) 

      MUSIC INTERLUDE (32:31) 

Part 10: Capitalization as an Exit Strategy (33:57) 

Part 11: An Unorthodox Approach (37:47) 

      MUSIC INTERLUDE (39:56) 

Part 12: Becoming a Business Angel (40:55) 

Part 13: What are you currently reading? (42:20) 

Part 14: What’s on your playlist? (43:31) 

Closing Summary (45:23)