EP 52- The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #5 with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

EP 52 – The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #5 with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

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Episode 52 features the fifth edition of the Awesome Founder Inspiration Session with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems in which they share what makes them think, learn, and laugh.

 This week they touch on some of these thought-provoking topics:

– Post-money valuations of unicorns

– Elon Musk’s opinions about geopolitical problems – is there an economic calculation behind it?

– What are two of the most exciting high-tech companies?

– Why does Adam Neumann, founder of wework, still get money

– The possible explanations ad implications of “quiet quitting”

– Body odor & chocolate bunnies

We hope you enjoy the show!



Something that made you learn


Squaring venture capital valuations with reality Will Gornall  Ilya A. Strebulaev Journal of Financial Economics 135 (2020) 120–143


Elon Musk: ‘Aren’t you entertained?’

Tesla hits China sales record as Beijing praises Musk’s Taiwan proposal

Speculation over Tesla’s possible return to TSMC for advanced self-driving chips

TSMC (SE 9, EP 3)



Something that made you think


Interview with Adam Neumann in November 2021 for the Dealbook Online Summit:


The economics behind ‘quiet quitting’ — and what we should call it instead


Something that made you laugh


Sniffing Out New Friends: Similarity in Body-Odor Predicts the Quality of Same-Sex Non-Romantic Dyadic Interactions. Inbal Ravreby, Kobi Snitz, Noam Sobel; Science Advances  2022


Lidl told to destroy gold chocolate bunnies after it loses copyright case with Lindt



(1:01) Introduction to the episode

(2:49) Something that made Dries learn – Post money valuation of unicorn

(08:20) The findings of the paper

(10:05) Gerrit’s take on arbitrary startup valuations & founder’s perspective on this issue

(14:23) The danger when funds overvalue private startups & addressing governance issues of startup investing

(18:02) Something that made Gerrit learn – Elon Musk’s erratic stances on geopolitical issues

(25:07) Discussing the semiconductor companies TSMC & ASML

(35:37) Something that made Dries think – Exploring diverging entrepreneurial cultures in the case of Adam Neumann

(45:57) Something that made Gerrit think – The trend of quiet quitting of Gen Z

(50:49) Quiet quitting as a form of economic optimization?

(56:42) Something that made Dries laugh – Similarity in body odor at its effect on friendships

(1:03:57) Something that made Gerrit laugh – The case of Lidl’s chocolate bunnies