EP 23 – Building meaningful company cultures with Freya Oehle

EP 23 – Building meaningful company cultures with Freya Oehle

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In episode 23 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Freya Oehle, WHU alumn, co-founder of the online shopping tool startup Spottster, and current co-founder of digital transformation consultancy 3tausendsassa. 

We are discussing Freya’s founder journey, from WHU to building Spottster with a school classmate, to a unique exit and to building a new startup with the same team she build her previous one. Freya is a high-energy entrepreneur, with the passion and charisma of a great leader. So it is no wonder, her Spottster team continue their entrepreneurial journeys together. 

Get valuable insights into building teams, establishing company cultures that are both meaningful and fun, and what leadership looks like across product and service-oriented startups. Hope you enjoy it!



Part 1: Freya Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Introducing Freya (02:20)

Part 3: Freya’s founder journey (03:10)

Part 4: The multifold business model of Freya’s current company “3tausendsassa” (08:55)

 Part 5: Freya’s view on differences between service or product focused firms (10:30)

Part 6: The shift towards focusing on billable hours and 1:1 sales to run the company (14:14)

Part 6: The pros and cons of being a service organization vs. a product organization (16:12)

Part 7: The value of Freya as the translator between customer needs and 3tausendsassa’s development capabilities (15:46)

Part 8: Structure as a key to working with technical people as a non-technical founder (23:50)

Part 9: Freedom as the most effective way for 3tausendsassa to solve the client’s problems (20:13) 

Part 10: Structure as a cornerstone of Freya’s way to lead technical teams  (22:36)

Part 11: How Freya manages the differences in cultures of 3tausendsassa and their corporate clients (27:30)

Part 12: The two types of people needed in startups and corporates (27:57)

Part 13: The secrets of 3tausendsassa’s strong and trusting company culture (30:20)

Part 14: How Freya established this culture (34:28)

Part 15: Freya’s perspective of changing company culture with age (38:20)

Part 16: Authenticity as a young startup working with formal corporate clients (41:28)

Part 17: How authenticity in startup founding develops your character  (45:40)

Part 18: Freya’s nuggets of widsom (49:25)

Part 19: What book is Freya currently reading? (51:23)

Part 20: What is cycling on Freya’s playlist? (52:20)

Outro Gerrit (53:57)