EP 50 – Managing corporate innovation with Andy Binns

EP 50 – Managing corporate innovation with Andy Binns

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In episode 50 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we are happy to welcome Andy Binns to the show. Andy co-founded the innovation consultancy change logic and has more than 20 years of extensive experience overcoming innovation barriers in big corporates. Apart from his merits as a practitioner, he also published relevant academic work regarding disruptive innovation and CEO ambidexterity.

Andy shares his insights into how corporations can drive disruptive innovation from within. He also talks about how corporate innovation explorers differ from classical entrepreneurs and the challenges of idea scaling.

We hope you have fun exploring this exciting episode!


(01:20) Intro of Andy Binns

(02:50) Andy’s early career in consulting and co-founding Change Logic

(07:35) Large corporations as a driver of disruption

(11:12) How do companies self-disrupted themselves?

(15:22) The need for separation in balancing structural ambidexterity

(19:22) How do corporate innovation units successfully handle the layers of ambidexterity?

(21:40) What kind of manager types are needed for corporate exploration?

(28:50) A new generation of managers for corporate innovation

(36:20) Gerrits and Andys discuss experimentation & failure in corporate

(43:30) Moving from ideation to idea scaling phase  

(48:10) What are the challenges in the practice of structural ambidexterity?

(51:30) Discussing the case of the German automotive industry

(56:17) What advice would Andy give to young entrepreneurs?

(58:55) What books would Andy recommend?

(1:00:36) What is cycling on Andy’s playlist?