EP 32 – The Love of the Game with Nathan Evans

EP 32 – The Love of the Game with Nathan Evans

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In episode 32 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Nathan Evans, Kellogg-WHU eMBA alum, Director of the Founder Institute Munich, and cofounder of eCommerce financing startup, fulfin.

We’re discussing Nathan’s journey from studying physics to the trading floors of London, from FinTech product management to building his own high-growth venture.

This conversation with Nathan was absolutely awesome – full of rich stories, metaphors, and wisdom. We even discussed the similarities between poker and entrepreneurship! So hopefully, you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we did producing.



Part 1: Nathan Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Introducing Nathan Evans (02:15)

Part 3: Nathan’s founder journey (04:41)

Part 4: “The love of the game” – Making the right decisions as Nathan’s drive  (10:09)

Part 5: Parallels between life and entrepreneurship as a “long game” (12:44)

Part 6: How Nathan’s trajectory led him to founder-market (15:52)

Part 7: Growth financing for young eCommerce companies – the problem fulfin solves (18:07)

Part 8: “Don’t use equity capital to finance working capital” – Nathan’s financing advice (20:58)

Part 9: Bootstrappers are the main customer group of fulfin (23:48)

Part 10: “Nail it and scale it!” – Nathan’s focus in the early times of fulfin (25:03) 

Part 11: “More will try and more will fail!” – Nathan’s prediction on the future of retail and eCommerce (28:55)

Part 12: The effect of rollup companies like Rayzor Group and others on eCommerce entrepreneurs and fulfin (31:50)

Part 13: Nathan’s work as a startup mentor (36:14)

Part 14: The changes in the startup ecosystem in Nathan’s view (39:10)

Part 15: “Founder-fit” as the addition to founder-market fit (42:15)

Part 16: “The love of the game” – For Nathan the only reason to go into entrepreneurship (45:00)

Part 17: What would Nathan tell his younger self? (47:33)

Part 18: What book is Nathan currently reading? (49:39)

Part 19: What is cycling on Nathan’s playlist? (52:38)

Outro Gerrit (54:22)