EP 58- The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #7 with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

EP 58 – The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #7 

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Episode 58 features the seventh edition of the Inspiration Session with Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems in which they share what makes them think, learn, and laugh. 

This week they touch on some of these thought-provoking topics:  

  • How to measure personality with your digital footprint 
  • Is fake it till you make it the right strategy to use as an entrepreneur? 
  • How can the chance of burnout be reduced? 
  • Should we expect a wave of entrepreneurial burnout next year?
  • How Art is evolving in the advanced technological world  
  • AI and they’re influence on our world 

We hope you enjoy the show! 



Something that made you learn  


Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans , Youyou Wu, Kosinski Michael, Still David, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015) 


Matthew S. Wood, David J. Scheaf, Sean M. Dwyer,  Fake it ‘til you make it: Hazards of a cultural norm in entrepreneurship,  Business Horizons,  Volume 65, Issue 5,  2022,  Pages 681-696,  ISSN 0007-6813  



Something that made you think 


Emotional demands and entrepreneurial burnout: the role of autonomy and job satisfaction (2022) Yosr Ben Tahar · Nada Rejeb ·Adnane Maalaoui · Sascha Kraus ·Paul Westhead · Paul Jones Small Business Economics 







Something that made you laugh 






(1:02) Gerrit Introduces the podcast inspiration session  

(3:00) What did Dries learn? Topic: Personality 

(4:19) Researchers are taking an alternative approach to measuring personality 

(7:38) Results of the study on whether the footprint can predict your personality 

(9:00) How is your digital footprint able to predict the likelihood of you experiencing certain outcomes in different life areas 

(10:31) On what basis is your personality assessed? 

(12:00)0 Discussion on the findings of the personality paper  

(14:00) Problems with personality models  

(16:20) Ethical questions for using data for investigating personality  

(17:25) Recruiters and your social media presence 

(18:30) What did Gerrit learn? Topic: Fake it to you make it  

(22:30) What fake it till you make it means  

(28:05) What to do instead of faking it? 

(32:25) Dries and Gerrit share advice on how to pitch 

(35:36) Does the personal story in storytelling need to be true? 

(38:00) Entrepreneurs thinking like scientists  

(42:45) What made Dries think: paper on entrepreneurial burnout  

(44:58) Does the feeling of autonomy increase the likelihood of burnout? 

(49:45) Should we expect a wave of entrepreneurial burnout next year? 

(55:35) Instead of being the best – be the best version of yourself 

(56:2) Mental struggle of having a bore out 

(57:50) What made Gerrit think: the technology of art and its destruction  

(59:00) Artists destroying art and turning them into NFTs 

(1:03:20) Are treasures in the art world being lost through NFTs?  

(1:07:30) Can the AI-generated art be called art? 

(1:10:10) Discussing what the new world will look like with AI 

(1:18:20) What made Dries laugh: his first encounter with TikTok 

(1:22:00) China’s strategy behind TikTok  

(1:29:00) What made Gerrit laugh: FTX downfall tweets 

(1:45:00) The economic shift and new topics 

(1:48:36) Gerrit thanks you for listening!