EP 11 – Rocket Fuelled Growth with Tobi Tschötsch

EP 11 – Rocket Fuelled Growth with Tobi Tschötsch

Tobi Tschoesch

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In this episode (recorded in November 2019), we introduce Tobi Tschötsch – Founder & Managing Director of Contorion – an B2B online marketplace for industrial and trade supplies. We’re talking about Tobi’s fascinating startup journey from WHU to Rocket Internet/CityDeal/Groupon to founder of a company acquired for over 100 million Euros.

So if you’re looking to hear an incredible founder journey; interested in learning about growing a startup from idea to acquisition; or simply hoping to hear more about one of WHU’s great entrepreneurial success stories, you’ll love listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.


Tobi Preview Intro (00:04)
Part 1: Tobi’s Entrepreneurial Journey (02:15)
        Music Interlude (10:19)
Part 2: Discovering the Contorion Business Model (11:22)
Part 3: Targeting Customer Pain Points (15:43)
Part 4: Bringing Transparency to an Opaque Market (17:52)
Part 5: Leveraging Brick & Mortar for eCommerce Growth (19:45)
Part 6: When to Raise Venture Capital (21:55)
        Music Interlude (23:52)
Part 7: The Evolution of Contorion (25:05)
Part 8: Characteristics of a Strong Acquisition Partner (29:33)
Part 9: Changing Founder Roles Post-Acquisition (34:15)
Part 10: Attracting Talent in Startup vs. Corporate Settings (36:37)
Part 11: Are you a Builder or an Optimiser? (40:05)
Part 12: Evolving Data as a Company Grows (41:37)
        Music Interlude (43:47)
Part 13: Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (45:03)
Part 14: Learning From Your Team (48:43)
Part 15: The Evolution of Germany’s Startup Scene (50:43)
Part 16: Book on Tobi’s Bedside Table (53:45)
Part 17: What’s on Tobi’s Playlist (54:45)
Part 18: Episode 12 Preview (56:40)