EP 20 – Founding People-Centric Ventures with Robert Ermich

EP 20 – Founding People-Centric Ventures with Robert Ermich

Robert Ermich

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In this episode of season 3 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Robert Ermich, founder of DeinHandy, OnTruck and an exciting new stealth startup in the healthcare space. 

Gerrit met Robert last year when they were both coaching teams at 3-Day-Startup. It was immediately clear they were two birds of the same feather, who share the passion for startups, creative marketing and plenty of travel and outdoor adventures. But in this episode, they are discussing Robert’s founder journey, which took him from WHU to being a serial entrepreneur and eventually a business angel, the delicate balance between a great lifestyle and a successful business live, and so much more. Hope you enjoy it!



 Robert Preview Intro (00:04)

 Part 1: Robert’s founder story (02:32)

 Part 2: The story of DeinHandy.de (08:20)

 Part 3: The story of OnTruck (10:41)

 Part 4: Time to recharge (or so Robert thought…) (12:41)

 Part 5: A trip back to WHU opens up an opportunity in the medical devices field (14:15)

    Music Interlude (18:25)

 Part 6: Robert’s drive to always strive for the next project (19:01)

 Part 7: How Robert found his strengths in the early stage startup phases: More freedom (21:50)

 Part 8: Robert’s driver to keep going: Be there for the “Why”! (27:48)

 Part 9: Robert’s key learnings you need to build a “people-centric company” (33:54) 

 Part 10: How to stay people-centric when you scale up (40:08) 

   Music Interlude (44:41)

 Part 11: Show appreciation – Robert’s biggest advice  (45:11)

 Part 12: Where Robert wants to be in 5 years (47:55)

 Part 13: What books are on Robert’s beside table? (52:07)

 Part 14: What’s on Robert’s playlist? (54:14)

 Episode 21 Preview (57:19)