EP 88 – Building AI chatbots for customer retention with Marco Dassisti

EP 88 – Building AI chatbots for customer retention with Marco Dassisti

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Join us on the WHU Most Awesome Founder Podcast as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship with Marco Dassisti, a seasoned alumnus of WHU’s MBA program and the founder of kitchX and Qualimero.🔊🚀

Discover the highs and lows of building a startup, the power of conversational commerce, and the future of WhatsApp as a sales channel. From scalability challenges to the excitement of creating a new venture, Marco shares valuable insights and lessons learned along the way.🔥

Don’t miss this engaging conversation packed with inspiration and practical wisdom!🌟💡



(1:00) Marco gives an intro to his background

(3:15) Discussing the Problem of scalability in the case of kitchX

(5:40) Explaining what Qualimero is all about

(9:00) Overview of the current lead journey and their pain points

(11:05) Importance of quality assurance for Large Language Models in sales

(14:30) Exploring why conversion of customers is difficult for startups

(16:30) The drive of being an entrepreneur and lessons learned from kitchX

(20:50) Analyzing the future of WhatsApp in the context of Meta

(24:00) Discussion on German conservatism

(25:15) Insights into intrapreneurship at OBI

(30:00) Comparing No-Code vs. having a technical co-founder

(34:20) MBA Program of WHU and entrepreneurship

(36:25) Podcast and book recommendations


Marco’s recommendations:

How Big Things Get Done