EP 77 – From founder to unicorn angel investor with Oskar Hartmann

EP 77 – From founder to unicorn angel investor with Oskar Hartmann

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We’re kicking off our new season with a bang! A dive deep into the world of angel investing with none other than Oskar Hartmann.🌍✨ His outstanding track record: 14 (!) of his startup investments have reached unicorn status, he’s one of the 1000 wealthiest Germans, and in his spare time? He cracks world records in indoor rowing 🥴🏆

Alongside our brilliant hosts Dries Faems & Gerrit McGowan, Oskar unveils the intricacies of spotting unicorns, what he learns from Olympic champions, and how to source for business opportunities from Africa to South America 🦄🚀

By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with a treasure trove of insights into the culture of risk, pinpointing unparalleled opportunities and the magic of unconventional thinking. Let Oskar’s unparalleled experiences and tales inspire you to transcend your limits and chase excellence! 💡🌟



(0:00) Dries introduction to our guest, Oskar Hartmann

(0:45) Oskar’s journey from an “explorer” to an entrepreneur

(5:35) Getting ideas from other markets to detect current trends

(10:20) Is the US still a role model for entrepreneurship ideation?

(14:28) Germany’s role in the global founder sphere

(18:48) Oskar’s explanation for his huge investment success

(27:48) Accessing international investment opportunities and avoiding adverse selection

(32:55) Oskar’s rationale behind his investing decision 

(37:40) Investing in a team rather than a market or an idea?

(42:28) Oskar’s extreme recreational activities

(48:35) Recovery time while building companies and future endeavors  

(53:45) Oskar’s book recommendations


Oskar’s book recommendations:

The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves