EP 6 – Building Tech as a Non-Technical Founder with Philipp von Hammerstein

EP 6 – Building Tech as a Non-Technical Founder with Philipp von Hammerstein


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Philipp von Hammerstein is an entrepreneur, educator, software developer, and WHU alum who has spent the past decade either founding or growing technology ventures. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from WHU and full-stack developer certification from Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp. 

When Philipp and I first met, he was General Manager of Le Wagon Berlin and VP of Global Operations for the Le Wagon mothership. But since then, he has transitioned to his next adventure as Head of Corporate Education for CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. But regardless of his role, Philipp is a tremendous asset for those who need helping bridging the void between software engineers and the non-technical business team with whom they interact.


Philipp Preview Intro: (0:25)

Part 1: Welcome Remarks(1:25)

Part 2: Philipp’s Entrepreneurial Journey (2:27)

Part 3: Launching Le Wagon Berlin (6:55)

Part 4: What does Le Wagon do? (8:00)

        MUSIC INTERLUDE (10:24)

Part 5:  Building an App in 5 Days (11:25)

Part 6: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel  (13:29)

Part 7: Bridging the Divide for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs (15:09)

        MUSIC INTERLUDE (23:44)

Part 8:  Tips for Working with Developers (24:54)

        MUSIC INTERLUDE (33:05)

Part 9: What Non-Technical Founders Do Wrong (33:50)

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Part 10: What Non-Technical Founders Should Learn (43:06)

Part 11:  Productivity and Flow (44:52)

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Part 12:  Evolution of Le Wagon (56:56)

Part 13:  Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (58:43)

Part 14: What are you currently reading? (1:02:15)

Part 15: What’s on your playlist? (1:03:17)