EP 21 – Tackling Stigmas With Entrepreneurship with Lia Grünhage

EP 21 – Tackling Stigmas With Entrepreneurship with Lia Grünhage

Lia Grünhage

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In this episode of season 3 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Lia Grünhage, WHU alum and founder of Avery Fertility, a Berlin-based startup that provides both women and men with top-notch education and care around fertility planning and treatment. 

We will be discussing Lia’s founder journey, her evolution from Amorelie management team to becoming a founder herself, the challenge of tackling cultural taboos like sexuality and reproduction and so much more. 

Hope you enjoy it! 


Part 1: Lia Preview Intro (00:04) 

Part 2: Lia’s founder story (02:20)

Part 3: Lia’s way from a BCG workshop at her school to studying at WHU (04:45) 

Part 4: Lia’s decision to switch from consulting to Amorelie (06:35)

Part 5: The response of Lia’s family to her decision to work at Amorelie (11:10)

Part 6: Lia’s learnings about working on something that has relevance (13:10)

        Music Interlude (14:52) 

Part 7: How Amorelie broke through the issue of stigmas concerning sexuality and sex toys, using  (15:29)

Part 8: The strategy behind reaching Amorelie’s customers (20:10)

Part 9: What happens next? Lia’s path after Amorelie towards Avery (24:20) 

Part 10: The knowledge gap in fertility as the problem Avery tackles (29:08) 

        Music Interlude (39:40)

Part 11: Finding the right strategy to tackle fertility stigmas (43:30)

Part 12: “Your job doesn’t make you worthy as a human being!” (47:48)

Part 13: The benefits of a “company first, no-ego culture” (52:13)

Part 14: What book can Lia recommend? (59:30)

Part 15: What is on Lia’s playlist? (01:00:51)

Episode 22 Preview (01:02:26)