EP 15 – The Art of Lean with Tristan Kromer

EP 15 – The Art of Lean with Tristan Kromer  

Tristan Kromer

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In this episode (recorded in October 2019), we introduce Tristan Kromer of Kromatic and GrasshopperHerder – San Francisco based entrepreneur, innovation advisor, and Lean Startup guru. Tristan’s journey is a fascinating one – from touring musician to marketing executive, startup coach to innovation advisor for huge multinational corporations.
We’re discussing Tristan’s unique and circuitous career trajectory, what Lean really means in different contexts, the future of entrepreneurship education, and so much more!
So for you listeners who want a ton of useful advice on how to build a lean organisation, this episode is for you! Hope you enjoy it!


Tristan Preview Intro (00:04) 
Part 1: Introducing Tristan Kromer (01:20) 
Part 2: Tristan’s Founder Story (03:10) 
Part 3: From Music to Tech (6:02) 
Part 4: From Marketing to Methodology (10:17) 
        Music Interlude (11:46) 
Part 5: What is Lean Startup? (12:14) 
Part 6: Applying Lean Approaches to Different Contexts (15:50)
        Music Interlude (26:45) 
Part 7: Being Lean With Capital (27:28)
Part 8: Applying Lean to a Corporate Setting (30:45)
Part 9:  Lean Analogs Across Corporates and Startups (34:27) 
Part 10: Corporate Structures That Hinder Innovation (38:19) 
        Music Interlude (42:05) 
Part 11: Educating Entrepreneurs in Academic and Practical Environments (43:02) 
Part 12: Redefining Entrepreneurial Education (47:18) 
        Music Interlude (53:28) 
Part 13: Book on Tristan’s Bedside Table (54:30)
Part 14: What’s on Tristan’s Playlist (57:38)
Part 15: Episode 16 Preview (1:01:38)