EP 13 – Founder-Market Fit with Martin Heibel

EP 13 –  Founder-Market Fit with Martin Heibel 

Martin Heibel

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In this episode (recorded in January 2020), we introduce Dr. Martin Heibel, WHU alum, serial entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, and currently, cofounder and Managing Director of Ciara – a virtual assistant for sales development reps and inside sales teams.
We’re discussing Martin’s journey from WHU to LMU, building the LMU Entrepreneurship Center and XPRENEURS, and founding two successful companies –  IntraWorlds and Ciara. Martin’s story is an interesting one in which he built his most recent company to solve a problem he and his teams felt every day. 
So for you listeners who are interested in sales, B2B software solutions, or just a wicked smart and highly analytical founder, this episode is for you! Hope you enjoy it!


Martin Preview Intro (00:04) 
Part 1: Introducing Martin Heibel (00:58) 
Part 2: Martin’s Founder Story (02:36) 
Part 3: Building Companies with Founder-Market Fit (08:45) 
Part 4: An Effectuation Approach to Ideation (14:46) 
        Music Interlude (16:46) 
Part 5: How Ciara Was Born (17:32) 
Part 6: How Ciara Works (21:18) 
        Music Interlude (27:56) 
Part 7: Ciara’s Current Trajectory (28:56)  
Part 8: Founding a Company in Munich (31:41)
Part 9: When is the Right Time to Become a Founder? (34:35) 
        Music Interlude (39:10) 
Part 10: Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (43:08)
Part 11: Book on Martin’s Bedside Table (40:13) 
Part 12: What’s on Martin’s Playlist (44:19)
Part 13: Episode 14 Preview (46:14)