EP 74 – Inspiration session #9: Golf, Gender and Generative AI

EP 74 – Inspiration session #9: Golf, Gender and Generative AI

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 9th edition of the inspiration session with Gerrit and Dries! 🎉

They will once more discuss diverse and thought-provoking topics, combining insights from an academic and a practitioner perspective. What are the legal implications of AI-generated inventions, which entrepreneurs should consider entering a venture studio and why women should be careful if their boss plays golf?

These and other questions will be answered, so be prepared to learn, think, and laugh. Don’t miss this captivating episode! 🔍





(1:20) Intro of Gerrit

(2:20) Something that made Dries learn: Blinded by the person in idea evaluation?

(3:40) Most prominent cognitive biases when evaluating pitches 

(9:45) Practical takeaways from that paper   

(16:15) Something that made Gerrit learn: Can AI invent?

(20:40) Should AI inventions get protected by patents?

(22:10) Is AI the tool or the inventor?

(30:00) Something that made Dries think: Hitting the grass ceiling

(33:30) Potential exclusive „grass ceilings“ in entrepreneurship

(39:30) Female representation in German companies

(43:40) Something that made Gerrit think: Is a venture studio right for you?

(49:30) Why are venture studios more common in Europe?

(51:20) Four types of venture studios

(56:30) Potential choosing criteria regarding venture studios

(1:05:30) Something that made Dries laugh: ChatGPT’s behavior changing over time

(1:12:25) Something that made Gerrit laugh: four strange but successful startups

(1:22:30) Outro