EP 75 – From e-commerce wunderkind to successful investor with Roman Kirsch

EP 75 – From e-commerce wunderkind to successful investor

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Our next guest on the Most Awesome Founder podcast: Roman Kirsch! 🎙️

Roman will be sharing his high-paced entrepreneurial journey, characterized by his story of perseverance, hard work, and why sometimes naivety can be beneficial.

Discover Roman’s passion for building new ventures that led to various well-known and flourishing startups but also some non-successes and how he dealt with them. Roman also discusses his insights from switching from an entrepreneur to an investor role, the importance of a startup’s idea vs. its team, and why serial founding can almost be addictive. 💉

We hope this unique founder story will stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of our listeners!



(0:55) Intro of Dries

(2:05) Roman’s entrepreneurial start

(7:35) The process of Roman’s first founding  

(12:20) Acquiring funding in a recession

(14:30) Getting first funding

(20:00) Doing a financially lucrative exit as a 23-year-old 

(25:40) Experiences from moving as an entrepreneur to a more corporate environment

(29:30) The difference between American and German startup culture

(32:32) The story behind Amorelie

(36:45) What does it mean to have a focus?

(38:35) Lessons of Casacanda for future endeavors?

(42:03) The emotional side of being an e-commerce wunderkind

(47:15) Raising as a successful entrepreneur 

(48:25) The end of Lesara and fighting against subsidized competitors

(55:20) Failing for the first time as a wunderkind

(58:45) Would you invest in a failed entrepreneur?

(1:01:05) Roman’s latest entrepreneurial activities

(1:08:40) Team, idea and pivoting

(1:10:55) Roman’s role as entrepreneur and investor

(1:15:00) Roman’s recommendations for books

(1:17:30) Outro


Roman’s book recommendations:

Skin in the game: Hidden Symmetries in Daily Life

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story