EP 24 – Building Digital Communities with Cory Warfield

EP 24 – Building Digital Communities with Cory Warfield

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In episode 24 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Cory Warfield, entrepreneur, founder of ShedWool and connector with over 250.000 LinkedIn followers.

Cory and Gerrit met almost 5 years ago when mentoring Cory’s startup ShedWool at an accelerator in Colorado. Since then Cory grew his startup to 20+ employees, built a massive LinkedIn follower base and launched numerous new ventures from his vast professional network.

In this episode, we are discussing Cory’s incredible founder journey from literally the bottom to the top, how faith and humility drive success and some really useful tricks for leveraging LinkedIn to grow both your personal brand and your business. 

Hope you enjoy it!



Part 1: Cory Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Introducing Cory (02:20)

Part 3: Cory’s founder journey (03:10)

Part 4: How Cory’s founder journey shaped him (09:30)

Part 5: Cory’s start with ShedWool and his view on venture capital (12:03)

Part 6: Leveraging LinkedIn for global networking and venture building (15:12)

Part 6: Cory’s LinkedIn strategy (20:56)

Part 7: Focus on working with people you like, as one of Cory’s mantras  (25:20)

Part 8: Difficulties of finding the right investors for your venture (29:05)

Part 9: How Cory finds people he wants to work with in his large LinkedIn audience (35:25) 

Part 10: “Don’t show up to teach!” Cory’s advice on becoming successful on LinkedIn (36:44)

Part 11: Post or article? Connect or follow? Paid or organic? Accept a connection request? (41:48)

Part 12: “Don’t try to do it all on your own”. What Cory would tell his younger self (45:02)

Part 13: What book is Cory currently reading? (47:15)

Part 14: What is cycling on Cory’s playlist? (48:03)

Outro Gerrit (53:57)