EP 39 – Curating Emotional Experiences with Christian Gaiser

EP 39 – Curating Emotional Experiences with Christian Gaiser

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In episode 39 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Christian Gaiser, WHU alum and Co – Founder at Numa. Christian is a serial founder and an angel investor and is currently changing the way people travel by curating emotional experiences.

In this episode, Christian goes through his journey as a founder and an investor and talks about his itch to build things. He also talks about the founder – market fit, how he draws inspiration from sports for his business and the delicate balance of expectation management in the tourism industry.

Hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we did producing it.


(01:03) Intro of Chrstian Gaiser

(02:27) The importance of emotions and experiences in the tourism industry

(03:31) Gerrit’s experience with the tourism industry

(05:15) Christian’s founder journey

(11:34) Exploring Numa’s business model

(15:55) Creating curated experiences

(18:22) Finding inspirations from Airbnb’s buyer’s journey

(20:13) Numa’s ideal customer profile & the chick and egg problem

(24:40) Managing 2 sales fronts at Numa

(30:18) How Numa managed initial traction

(32:16) Building the team at Numa – Founder-market and founder-product fit

(36:03) How has the experience changed for Christian founding his 2nd venture a decade after his 1st venture

(39:00) Christian’s change in perspective towards entrepreneurship over the years

(42:22) Managing your energy and the importance of taking breaks between ventures

(47:00) Christian’s advices and wisdom for aspiring founders

(52:02) Christian’s book recommendation and finding inspiration from sports

(55:42) What is cycling on Christian’s playlist

(57:20) Christian’s favorite countries around the world

(58:17) Numa’s expansion plans