EP 31 – Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs with Eric Partaker

EP 31 – Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs with Eric Partaker

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In episode 31 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Eric Partaker, entrepreneur, peak performance coach, early employee at Skype, founder of UK restaurant group, Chilango, and author of The 3 Alarms: A Simple System to Transform Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships Forever.

We’re discussing Eric’s founder journey from selling chocolates as a child to his early career as a McKinsey Consultant; from joining Skype as a small company to founding a large restaurant chain; to his work today helping entrepreneurs and CEOs update their internal software for optimizing performance and well-being

Eric is an incredible storyteller with experiences rooted in a rich and varied career. His insights into how we can learn to perform our best while feeling satisfied along the way are not to be missed. So I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did our conversation.



Part 1: Eric Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Welcome Eric Partaker (01:54)

Part 3: Erics’s early lessons in entrepreneurship (02:42)

Part 4: From McKinsey to Skype to founding an award-winning Mexican Restaurant chain to helping founders develop and scale – Eric’s career journey (10:57)

Part 5: The magical Skype experience (14:04)

Part 6: Structure and the power of the brand: The benefits of consulting before entrepreneurship (17:35)

Part 7: Combination and sequency as the cornerstones for founding a startup in an area outside your expertise (20:21)

Part 8: How Chilango was hit by COVID-19 (25:18)

Part 9: Identity, Productivity, Anti-Fragility: What are the most foundational things for entrepreneurs to do on their journeys (28:46)

Part 10: “Life is a three-lagged stool – Work, Health, Relationships”: How life outside of work defines your success at work (35:28)

Part 11: “Prioritize one thing in each dimension per day”: How Eric organizes his life based on the principles he teaches (38:00)

Part 12: “Take action!” Eric’s number one advice for entrepreneurs (42:12)

Part 13: What book is Eric currently reading? (43:16)

Part 14: What’s on Eric’s playlist? (43:48)

Outro Gerrit (44:48)