Ep 66 – Inspiration session #8: Does generative AI decrease inequality – the future of VC

Ep 66 – Inspiration session #8: Does generative AI decrease inequality – the future of VC

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Get ready for today’s episode E66 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast! As always, the Inspiration Session will discuss topics that made Dries and Gerrit think, learn, and laugh.


Here are some exciting sneak peeks of the topics explored within the episode:


–      What impact do prominent Venture Capitalists have on replacing startup founders over time?

–      The four main challenges Venture Capital is facing, calling on the question of whether VCs need to change

–      Generative Artificial Intelligence and its impact on productivity

Take advantage of this thought-provoking and informative episode!

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Something that made you laugh:





How to Rewire Your Brain to Feel Good on Mondays



(0:03) Teaser by Gerrit

(1:14) Introduction by Gerrit

(2:30) Reflection on the last episode with Alex Osterwalder

(3:20) Dries starts with something that made him think: Should we keep founders as a CEO or replace them?

(5:00) What is Gerrit’s opinion on this?

(7:00) The founder’s role changes over time

(7:33) paper discovers: would prominent VCs more likely to replace the founder or not?

(8:30) Gerrit answers the question with his own experience

(9:20) Dries presents the paper’s findings

(12:45) Gerrit explains the paper’s findings with real-life examples

(15:30) Gerrit introduces the topic that made him think: Why VC needs to change

(19:43) Gerrit deep dives into the four main reasons for VC’s to change

(25:10) Dries’ opinion on the VC topic

(27:04) Gerrit opens discussion on another component: the structure of VC’s

(35:40) What made Dries think: academic research on the experimental evidence of AI on productivity

(37:30) Gerrit’s pos & neg experience with open AI in daily life

(40:00) Dries explains the background of the study

(43:30) Dries elaborates on where he uses generative AI

(47:00) Gerrit discusses the usage of generative AI

(48:20) Futuristic usage of generative AI

(49:00) Gerrit goes into a personal story of using generative AI

(51:50) What did Gerrit learn: challenges around AI to make it compatible

(54:30) A societal challenge Dries faced with generative AI

(56:20) Gerrit dives into the six challenges the paper identified

(59:00) Geopolitical setting on generative AI

(1:03:25) 6th point of Gerrit’s paper

(1:05:00) Discussing the paper Gerrit introduced

(1:07:15) Can we still harness AI?

(1:10:26) something that made Dries laugh: AI usage

(1:13:40) Do you think AI will be able to predict future events for you?

(1:17:03) something that made Gerrit laugh: How can people re-program themselves to lose the Monday blues

(1:18:15) Why do people hate Mondays?

(1:18:30) People have routines: how we can get rid of the Monday blues

(1:23:30) What Dries does not hate Mondays

(1:25:00) Two critical points to staying less stressed & enjoying Monday

(1:26:15) What health metrics does Gerrit track?

(1:27:45) Reflection on the episode by Gerrit and thank you!