EP 8 – Merging Content and Technology with Verena Hubertz

EP 8 – Merging Content and Technology with Verena Hubertz


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In this episode, we introduce Verena Hubertz, WHU alum and cofounder of Kitchen Stories (www.kitchenstories.com). Kitchen Stories provides delicious, step-by-step photo and video recipes through their beautiful and user-friendly web and mobile applications. 

Verena and her cofounder Mengting met as business students at WHU and bonded over their love of food. Their friendship and complementary approaches to work and business led them to found Kitchen Stories in 2013. Since then, Kitchen Stories has been awarded with the Apple App Store’s Best of 2015, the 2016 Google Play Design Award, and has topped Apple’s food category in over 150 countries. 

In 2018, Bosch Siemens Home (BSH) acquired a majority stake in Kitchen Stories, propelling them to even further growth.


Part 1: Welcome Remarks (0:38) 

Part 2: Verena’s Founder Story (1:36) 

Part 3: Finding an Idea (4:15) 

Part 4: Cooking Background (5:38) 

Part 5: Starting with Mobile (6:04) 

       MUSIC INTERLUDE (8:02) 

Part 6: Differentiating from Competitors (08:38) 

Part 7: Being Technology First (9:56) 

Part 8: The Kitchen Stories Business Model (11:10) 

Part 9:  Building a B2B Business Model (14:03) 

Part 10: Finding Technical Talent as Non-Technical Founders (15:08) 

Part 11: When to Raise Capital (17:22) 

Part 12: Organic Customer Acquisition (20:00) 

       MUSIC INTERLUDE (21:43) 

Part 13: Getting Featured in the App Store (22:44) 

Part 14: Going International (24:00) 

Part 15: Target Personas (25:57) 

Part 16: Opening to User-Generated Content (27:07) 

       MUSIC INTERLUDE (30:29) 

Part 17: Advice for Future Founders (31:03) 

Part 18: Playing to Your Strengths as Cofounders (33:36) 

Part 19: Book on Her Bedside Table (36:25) 

Part 20: What’s on her playlist (37:55) 

Part 21: Episode 9 Preview (38:39)