EP 7 – Acceleration and Angel Investing with Jag Singh

EP 7 – Acceleration and Angel Investing with Jag Singh

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Jag Singh is Managing Director of Techstars Berlin and one of Europe’s most active angel investors. He is the former MD of the METRO Retail Accelerator, founder of numerous companies, mathematician, political strategist, ad-man, and a true global citizen who is fluent in six languages.

Jag is the founder of YouFundMe, MessageSpace, Wess Digital, and LabourHome. He was an advisor to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, as well as numerous other political campaigns. And he is a regular contributor to the BBC, Sky News, and ITV. In 2008, Jag was recognized as one of the top 100 influential people in British politics and in 2018 the Financial Times named him to the Top 100 minority leaders in technology. He’s also probably the smartest guy in the room.


Jag Preview Intro (0:05 )
Part 1: Intro (1:05)
Part 2: Welcome (1:58)
Part 3: Jag’s Entrepreneurial Journey (2:38)
        MUSIC INTERLUDE (11:08)
Part 4: Pitfalls of Capitalization (12:21)
Part 5: Learning to be a Good Investor (14:35)
Part 6: Investing in Different Cultural Contexts (19:03)
        MUSIC INTERLUDE (24:58)
Part 7: Criteria for Early Stage Investments (25:43)
Part 8: Choosing an Investor (29:34)
        MUSIC INTERLUDE (36:56)
Part 9: Messy Cap Tables (37:46)
Part 10: What is a startup accelerator? (40:25)
        MUSIC INTERLUDE (50:39)
Part 11: Techstars’ Founder/Mentor Network (51:47)
Part 12: Techstars’ #GiveFirst Ethos (56:30)
Part 13: What are you currently reading? (1:00:57)
Part 14: What’s on your playlist? (1:02:07)
Closing Summary (1:03:32)