EP 55 – Leveraging TikTok to build a customer-centric platforms with Annika von Mutius

EP 55- Leveraging TikTok to build customer-centric platforms with Annika von Mutius

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Episode 55 presents Annika von Mutius, a driven and motivated entrepreneur with an affinity towards technology. We were delighted to hear about her journey, building the first fully automated headhunter, Empion. Annika and her co-founder Larissa recently raised €2.4 Mil pre-seed funding with WHU alumnus Michael Stephan as a board member and angel investor.

Annika and her co-founder Larissa quickly understood the importance of matching culture, skills and values between applicants and companies, which led them to build Empion. By quantifying the tasks of a headhunter and both automating and personalizing the process for applicants, they connect the right individuals efficiently.

Tune in to find out more about their journey, in what sense their Ph.D. was of value, practicing a customer-centered approach and how they aspire to grow Empion via TikTok.

We hope you enjoy this episode!



(0:52) Dries’ introduction of Annika

(2:18) Annika’s personal entrepreneurial story

(5:10) What did you learn in Silicon Valley that you didn’t learn at WHU?

(6:41) How Annika networks

(8:35) What decisions lead to jointly found Empion with Larissa?

(11:20) Does your Ph.D. add value to what you’re developing right now?

(13:30) A more detailed Explanation of Empion

(17:00) How are you assessing your product market fit?

(22:00) Understanding the customer

(23:00) How do you use analytical tools to understand the customer and product market fit?

(25:22) What is the strategy behind being active on LinkedIn

(28:30) The relevance of TikTok

(29:25) How do I create content for TikTok?

(31:09) What do you see as the added value being connected to WHU?

(35:10) What would be advice that you would give to your younger self?

(38:23) Why analytical thinking might be in your way

(39:12) Book recommendation