EP 68 – Mastering the Art of Founder Communication with Jag Singh & Oliver Aust

EP 68 – Mastering the Art of Founder Communication with Jag Singh & Oliver Aust

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🎧 We are thrilled to welcome Jag Singh (Managing Director @ Angel Invest) and Oliver Aust (CEO & Founder @Eo Ipso Communications) for a second time to the show!

This time we discuss their newest book MESSAGE MACHINE: How Communications Will Make You An Unstoppable Founder  where they share essential aspects for founder communication mastery. Tune in to find out why communication is the biggest challenge for a growing company and why startups need to have a compelling message market fit.

We hope you enjoy this episode!



(0:46) Welcome by Gerrit

(2:20) Introduction to our guests Jag & Oliver

(6:20) How did they have the idea to write a book?

(9:30) What kind of book is this?

(11:30) The concept of message-market-fit

(16:00) What is the essential definition of message-market-fit

(17:20) Are there examples of companies with a good message market fit

(20:00) Five points of message mastery

(22:50) Listening to understand 

(26:05) Are there certain types of personas that can strive to master the key aspects?

(30:55) Decisive factors in storytelling

(35:40) What makes a great brand?

(40:31) Personal branding for founders

(46:20) WeWork and Adam Neumann as examples of personal branding

(48:30) Communicating to build a team and a company culture

(54:50) The danger of having a strong company culture

(58:35) Hire for talent or for culture fit? 

(01:02:00) The biggest challenge for a growing company: communication

(01:03:45) Jag explains why companies move with the speed of trust

(01:04:50) The customer is the hero

(01:07:05) Why are not more startups proactive about their current problems?

(01:11:20) Startups announcing layoffs the right way

(01:15:00) Customers don’t buy what you are selling; they buy the outcome

(01:17:05) Culture is destiny

(01:20:40) Outro by Gerrit