EP 9 – Seed-Stage Investing with Stephan Schubert

EP 9 – Seed-Stage Investing with Stephan Schubert

Stephan Schubert

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In this episode (recorded in November 2019), we introduce Stephan Schubert, WHU alum and founder of Onvista and IS.Teledata, to name a few. He is currently founder and Managing Partner of STS Ventures, an investment firm he established to manage his business angel activities. 

Since the late 1990s, Stephan has invested in numerous technology startups and is one of the most active and experienced business angels in Germany. So if you’re looking for an exceptional entrepreneur who has overcome many of the obstacles your startup may face in the future, Stephan is someone you’ll definitely want to hear from.


Stephan Preview Intro (00:04)
Part 1: Welcome Remarks (01:46)
Part 2: Stephan’s Founder Story (02:43)
Part 3: What is STS Ventures? (05:30)
Part 4: What Types of Investments STS Looks For (08:04)
Part 5: Focus on Sustainable Business Models (12:11)
Part 6: Being Hands-On with Investments (12:52)
        Music Interlude (14:15)
Part 7: Follow-On Financing (15:33)
Part 8: Preferred Founder Characteristics (16:27)
Part 9: Differences Between the Berlin and Köln Startup Ecosystems (18:40)
        Music Interlude (21:18)
Part 11: Building Companies over Equity Stories: Life Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (22:15)
Part 12: Understanding Sales as a Founder (24:48)
Part 13: Book on His Bedside Table (29:36)
Part 14: What’s on His Playlist (30:51)
Part 15: Episode 10 Preview (31:43)