EP 89 – Balancing growth and regulation in fintech with Tobias Auferoth

EP 89 – Balancing growth and regulation in fintech with Tobias Auferoth

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In this episode, we delve into Tobias Auferoth’s career journey, which led him from an beginning at Goldman Sachs to a pivotal turn toward entrepreneurship and technology in fintech.

As the co-founder and managing director of the fintech startup Upvest, Tobias shares his insights on creating a groundbreaking investment API, demystifying the complexities of financial technologies for our audience. With clients like Revolut, Raisin, and N26, his company exemplifies the fusion of traditional finance with modern technology, offering seamless integration of securities trading into existing platforms.

This conversation highlights the challenges of navigating a highly regulated industry and emphasizes the importance of trust, innovation, and the delicate balance between rapid growth and compliance.

Dive into this episode to explore the intersection of regulation and innovation, where the future of finance is being redrawn 🚀💼🔍



(0:35) Tobias gives an intro to his background

(2:50) Why was the reasoning for co-founding Upvest

(4:25) What is Upvest’s investment API about? 

(8:05) The role of trust in a B2B fintech

(10:53) How can a startup grow in a heavily regulated industry?

(14:30) The need for VC involvement in Upvest

(16:10) What is the culture and mindset in Upvest? 

(20:08) The overall state of the fintech industry

(22:45) What is the best way to enter the finance industry as a career path?

(26:20) Podcast and book recommendations


Tobias’ recommendations:

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