EP 56 – Educating about innovation ecosystems with Axel Deniz

EP 56 – Educating about innovation ecosystems with Axel Deniz

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Episode 56 and we are excited to welcome Axel Deniz to the show. Axel has extensive experience building digital products and has led numerous digital innovation projects with large multinationals. Currently, he is Director for Corporate Development & Innovation at PwC, leading open innovation strategy & corporate venturing.

Tune in when Axel talks about the resilience of business ecosystems, the role of external infrastructure, and how specific frameworks help to implement ecosystems in the firm daily.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Show notes:

Data ecosystem: https://dataland.com/

How PwC helps our clients build their ecosystems: https://www.pwc.de/en/corporate-innovation/successful-in-the-business-ecosystem.html

How ecosystems will shape the global economy until 2030: https://www.pwc.de/en/corporate-innovation/successful-in-the-business-ecosystem/global-business-ecosystems-2030.html

Axel’s book recommendation: https://www.ecosystemizer.com/book-ecosystemize-your-business



(0:48) Gerrit’s introduction of Axel

(2:20) Axel’s journey from founder to consultancy 

(07:00) Axel’s first experiences when arriving at PwC

(08:22) Shortage of talent in multinationals and local ecosystems

(11:10) Convincing companies of the need for ecosystems 

(15:38) Tools & frameworks for establishing an ecosystem firm on a daily basis

(20:25) The role of regulatory infrastructure in fostering business ecosystems

(28:55) Needed change of mindsets in ecosystems players regarding industry transformation

(37:25) Gerrit’s take on future industries and diversifying

(38:40) What is the motivation for adapting the long-term focus of a company? Fear vs. opportunity

(43:43) How do ecosystems deal with current geopolitical challenges?

(48:30) Axel’s motivation to do academic research

(50:40) Axel shares his advice for young entrepreneurs & innovators

(53:13) Book recommendation

(55:55) Axel’s recommendations for podcasts and books entrepreneurial story