EP 53 – Shaping company culture with Moritz Weisbrodt

EP 53 – Shaping company culture with Moritz Weisbrodt

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In Episode 53 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we are happy to interview Moritz Weisbrodt, a serial entrepreneur with experience in various industries like food, health, and logistics. His latest company Alaiko, a fulfillment-as-a-service company, just announced a 30 million series A funding round this year.

Talking as a generalist, Moritz knows the importance of corporate culture in different market environments and along different lifecycle stages. How can culture be actively shaped, and what are ways to implement it? Tune in when Moritz shares his key learnings about the essential value basis of Alaiko and gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

We hope to fulfill your expectations with this episode!



(00:48) Dries’ introduction of Moritz

(02:04) The entrepreneurial journey of Moritz

(04:34) Do future founders already show entrepreneurial traits in their childhood?

(08:22) How did founding as a generalist work out for Moritz?

(11:05) What were setbacks that fostered major learnings?

(17:27) How is Alaiko developing employees into cultural ambassadors?

(23:20) Recruiting as a building block for culture in a start-up

(27:40) How to stay true to culture and values in challenging market conditions

(34:02) Do empathy and heartiness constitute differentiators to competition for Alaiko?

(35:23) Implementing customer centricity

(39:21) Moritz shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

(43:30) What podcast or books would Moritz recommend?