EP 28 – Design Thinking with Alex Grots

EP 28 – Design Thinking with Alex GrotsAlex Grots

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In episode 28 of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we introduce Alex Grots – entrepreneur, innovator, creator, and expert in the art and craft of Design Thinking. We discuss Alex’s fascinating career from being a paramedic to working in the music industry; from building his first startup during the dot-com bubble to leading world-famous design agency IDEO in Germany; and from co-founding the high-growth IoT-venture ProGlove to advising innovation projects across the globe.

Alex is one fascinating and creative cat, not to mention an incredible storyteller with experiences that could fill volumes! But his easily palatable way of putting people at the center of innovation is what makes him such an incredible guest. I hope you enjoy it!


Part 1: Alex Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Alex’ founder journey (02:00)

Part 3: People as the common thread on Alex’ journey (13:18)

Part 4: Interaction with people as the basis for design thinking (15:50)

Part 5: Exploration vs. Exploitation: Why corporates struggle to apply design thinking naturally (20:47)

Part 6: Alex’ approach to bringing a more explorative culture to exploitation-driven corporates (26:43)

Part 7: Connecting the right people from exploration and exploitation (31:46)

Part 8: Pro-glove as an example for design thinking (32:55)

Part 9: Qualitative research as the key differentiator in innovating via Design Thinking (37:27)

Part 10: “Try it out as early as possible!” – the best way to get into design thinking (39:35)

Part 11: “Trust yourself more than your plan!” Alex’ #1 tip for future entrepreneur (41:48)

Part 12: What book is Alex currently reading? (44:02)

Part 13: What is cycling on Alex’ playlist? (44:48)

Part 14: Outro Gerrit (47:03)