EP 83 – From strategy consultant to Global Top 20 LinkedIn Creator with Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

Strap in for a riveting new episode on ‘The Most Awesome Founder Podcast’ as our hosts, Dries Faems and Gerrit McGowan, are joined by strategic mastermind Jeroen Kraaijenbrink. Jeroen shares captivating real-life experiences that he acquired while working on strategic matters with all kinds of clients from the corporate and startup world. Coming from an academic background, he gives insights into his method-oriented approach to strategy and how he aligns his work style with the customers.
But that’s not all – with a staggering 200k+ followers on LinkedIn and a spot in the Top 20 Global Content Creators, Jeroen is not just a strategist but a digital influencer powerhouse. Hungry for tips on amplifying your online presence? He’s got insider secrets you won’t want to miss.
If you are into strategy, make sure to catch this episode.
Stay tuned!