EP 29 – WHU Accelerator Team Introduction (1/2)

We’re doing things a little bit different in this week’s episode of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast. Today we are introducing not one founder, but many.

As you may have heard, on May 17 we are launching the first cohort of the inaugural WHU Startup Accelerator. This intensive 7-week, mentor-driven, and equity-free program provides the best and brightest startups from the WHU community with rocket fuel for their new ventures, culminating in a July 2 Demo Day event where they will pitch their ventures to investors.

So for the next two episodes of our podcast, we’ll be introducing you to the 8 inspiring teams selected to participate in this year’s accelerator, the founders behind the ventures, the problem they are solving, their purpose for being, and the paths they have chosen to get to market as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This week, you will meet the founders of…

Lidrotec – a laser cutting technology that enables semi-conductor producers to reduce material waste by 90-100%

Specter Automation – an artificial intelligence software that helps construction companies integrate digital planning data on the construction site

KitchX – a digital kitchen configuration studio that supports customers from design to installation

Bringwing… a shipping subscription services that is changing the way consumers order from retailers online

Each of these teams are led by incredible founders with unique backgrounds, all driven by profound desires to improve peoples lives. And for those of you that are regular listeners of our podcast, you know that there are few things more inspiring than the stories of mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Hope you enjoy this unique episode of the Most Awesome Founder Podcast!