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EP 37 – The Awesome Founder Inspiration Session #3 With Gerrit McGowan & Dries Faems

In episode 37 of the WHU’s Most Awesome Founder Podcast, we present the third episode of the Awesome Founder Inspiration Sessions with Gerrit McGowan and Dries Faems.

Continuing the format from the previous episode, they discuss few thought-provoking topics:
– Generalists or specialists – what type of founders have an edge in fundraising?
– The science of selling – how to leverage psychological principles to level up your sales process!
– Do socialwelfare schemes encourage or discourage entrepreneurship?
– Is ElonMusk’s definition of free speech crossing the line?
– Not – so – tasty green drinks, celery juices and weird trends among siliconvalley founders
– Liquid death: a mineral water company’s skyrocketing valuations and how brands of the future might look like!

The episode is full of interesting insights and takeaways. So hopefully, you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we did producing.